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2023/2024 Tax Season


Warm greetings from Belmont! I’m Brandon Ferrell, and I’ve dedicated nearly two decades to mastering the evolving landscape of tax preparation.

My professional journey began in 2005 with Clayton Patterson, EA, in San Carlos. Over the years, I’ve specialized in handling individual, corporate, nonprofit, and trust/estate tax returns, primarily in the San Carlos and Belmont regions. The pandemic brought pivotal changes, leading to the closure of my Belmont office and a shift to remote work from Moss Beach. Now, in 2023, I’m excited to announce my return to Belmont, ready to reconnect with the community that has been a significant part of my career.

In today’s world, taxation is not static; it's an ever-changing field with new regulations and complexities emerging regularly. My role is to keep you informed and prepared for these changes. Taxation, often seen as daunting, has always been a fascinating puzzle to me. My goal is to transform this complexity into clarity and savings for my clients. Whether you're dealing with questions about rental properties, capital gains, residential energy credits, or seeking ways to minimize your tax liabilities, I'm here to guide you through the maze with informed strategies and insights.

While some may opt for do-it-yourself tax software, it's crucial to recognize the value of professional expertise, especially in a climate where tax laws are constantly evolving. My experience and knowledge ensure that you benefit from every available deduction and credit, paying only what you owe and safeguarding your financial health.

The recent shifts in our world have prompted a reevaluation of priorities for many. I’m looking to connect with individuals who appreciate the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic world of taxes and who value in-depth, professional guidance. A successful partnership is built on transparency and mutual understanding.

Passionate about my field and eager to share my knowledge, I invite you to join me for a coffee in Belmont. Let’s explore your tax concerns and objectives in light of the latest changes in tax laws.

Looking forward to navigating these changes together,

Brandon Ferrell, CRTP