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Notary Public

A Notary Public is a public servant appointed by the State to act as an impartial witness in taking acknowledgments, administering oaths and affirmations, and performing other acts authorized by state law.  Notaries lend credibility to the authenticity of certain sensitive signed documents.  A notarized document lends assurance to the public that its signer is indeed the person who signed the document and to the signer that the document they have signed will have full force and effect.

As a Traveling Notary, I can be available between Pacifica to Half Moon Bay & Burlingame to Redwood City, California.

For your convenience, I offer the flexibility of scheduling notarizations at your home, office or other locations.  My personal commitment to you is a professional client/customer relationship, as well as accurate and reliable service.


Fees for Basic Notary Services (+ Travel Fee)

Acknowledgement                                               $15 (per notarized signature)

Jurat                                                                    $15 (per notarized signature)

Certified Copy of Power of Attorney                    $15 (per notarized signature)

Oath & Affirmation                                               $15 (per person)

Services rendered in connection with the taking of any deposition $30


Loan Signing Services (+ Travel Fee)

Loan Document Processing                                 $75

2nd Set of Loan Document                                  $50 added (same visit)

Document Copying                                              $25 per set

Document Printing (eDoc)                                    $35 per set

Borrower "No-Show"                                           Full Fee

Borrower Refusal to Sign                                     Full Fee

Borrower Rescind                                                Full Fee

 Travel Fee

Flat Rate & Based on Mileage                             $15.00 + 60 cents per mile




24 hours in advance notice via email or phone is required.  Otherwise, full fee will be applied.

Updated 6/05/2017 per May 9th Secretary of State Notice.

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